XPLORA was founded with a clear objective and vision: to connect families while allowing kids to explore and play uninterrupted. After several years of research and development, the first XPLORA product was launched in 2016.

Since then a lot has happened, the XPLORA company has opened offices in the UK, Germany, Norway and Sweden, and is currently undergoing expansion to 5 additional European countries.

Their core product is trusted by more than 400.000 users worldwide and is one of the most acclaimed and reliable products in its category.

XPLORA has decided to partner up with Jatana to be able to provide an increased level of support to its growing base of loyal customers.

I couldn’t believe that an AI tool could be so easy to implement. After a 3- clicks installation process I could already see the benefits Jatana provides!

Klaas Romer – 
Happiness Members Officer Europe


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