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The AI Customer Service Platform

Assisting and Automating Ticket Resolution On All The Major Help Desks

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A Powerful AI Customer Service Platform

Our AI enabled customer service platform integrates with all popular help desks, to enhance the support your support team provides. We use AI to address repetitive issues, assisting agents with suggested replies, and automating end-to-end resolution without human intervention.

Jatana Dashboard

Automate Customer Support With The Platforms You Use

With Intelligent Process Automation (IPA), you can connect Jatana to 3rd party systems like Shopify, Magento, CRMs and more. Jatana will fetch all the relevant information, and create ever-improving AI models.

Support Workflow
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AI Customer Service Provides

Automate Replies
Automated Resolution

Jatana connects to 3rd party systems for end-to-end resolution on expensive tickets that require manual assistance.

Suggested Replies
Assisted Resolution

Reduce average response time by 40% by suggesting the most appropriate answers to support agents.

Automated Replies
Automatic Reply

Automatic replies to simple support requests freeing up support agents to address more pressing matters.

Ticket Categorisation

Drastically cut the time taken to categorize incoming tickets by up to 97%.

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Some Of Our Integrations

By integrating with 3rd party systems, Jatana will fetch the relevant information directly inside the suggested macro, so that your agents don't need to manually do it.


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You Are In Good Company

Leading brands are automating repetitive tasks using Jatana

Thanks to Jatana, agents have unlocked time to create campaigns and offer personalized support to our main customers. After only 3 months, the AI was able to cover more than 50% of the incoming queries.
Jesper Juul Jensen

CEO of BetterNow

With Jatana in place it's much easier to train up other employees to help with simple support tasks. That makes it easier and more efficient to handle peaks in support.
Klaas Romer

Happiness Members Officer Europe

Klass Romer
We are now able to use more time of what matters the most: providing tailored and customized support at scale.
Anna Jagdhar

Customer Service Manager

Anna Jagdhar
The tickets that can be answered using the Jatana suggestion are way less time-intensive now.
We also love to see how Jatana gets better and better in suggesting the right macro over time: the accuracy of the suggestions is quite astonishing.
Isabelle van Capelleveen

Stocard Customer Support Manager


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Contact us for a demo you can assess the affect that AI customer service has on key metrics ensuring your customers issues are resolved as quickly and efficiently as possible.

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