Back in October 2016, we launched BotSupply with the goal of bringing conversational AI to brands around the world.

Very quickly, we signed contracts with Carlsberg, Mercedes Benz and other leading brands who understood that the future of Customer Experience will be built on conversational Ai technology.

Every day, we guided and helped our clients create better customer journeys using the latest conversational AI technologies, and we soon realized that almost all of them had difficulties managing increasing volumes of customer support request sent by email.

We looked at how we could help them by implementing conversational AI in radically new ways, and as a result of this continuous R&D effort, we are excited to introduce our latest venture, Jatana.

Jatana automates customer service with deep learning and we believe it represents the future of AI-powered customer service.

The Vision

Speed and accuracy have always been considered mutually exclusive.

You can’t move very fast when looking at every detail or be very accurate when moving at warp speed.

That’s why we have built Jatana.

Jatana brings speed to the help desk by automating replies to support requests so your agents can focus on the important details that make your customers go WOW! 

How Jatana creates value? 

Boosting Agent Productivity

Jatana suggests the best answer to every support request so that your agents don’t have to write manually every time.

Reducing Processing Time

Set a confidence threshold and Jatana will reply to every support request without the need for a support agent to intervene.

Increasing Customer Satisfaction

Deliver immediate gratification to your loyal customers waiting for answers and pave the way for an increase in future sales.

How does Jatana works?

Jatana is a deep learning based Saas solution that integrates directly with your help desk software of choice to automate processes related to customer service.

First, it connects to your help desk

It all starts when you connect your help desk platform. At this point, Jatana analyzes your historic data to learn how you, your team an your customers communicate. 

Then, it trains a custom AI

The way you communicate with your customers is specific to you and your business and that’s why we create a custom model for each client.

It wouldn’t make sense to use the same model to process customer service requests from small startups and Fortune500 companies alike.

And…it’s ready to go!

Once the training is complete and the model is deployed, Jatana is ready to get to work. For every email you receive from your customers, Jatana will suggest to your agents the best way to reply. 

At the same time, Jatana will also categorize, tag and forward the message to the right agent, automatically. 

Once you get familiar with Jatana, you will want to take a step back and let the Ai reply directly without agent supervision.

This is where it gets interesting!

You’ll be able to focus on the issues that add real value to your customers while Jatana takes care of all the boring interactions that bring no added value to your business.