Today we are really excited to share with you that we have been working on a new service that will help our customers achieve even greater customer support results.

We call it Intelligent Process Automation (IPA).

We define IPA as the brain behind RPA (Robotic Process Automation), with advanced capabilities like context understanding, reading and comprehension.

For the last 10 months, since we founded our company, we proved that implementing Artificial Intelligence to suggest the best answers and automate simple replies is a huge step forward for our customers.

But while it actually is a huge step forward in how customer support is managed, as it helps companies save up to 50% in average response time, we saw that it is not quite enough.

We could do more.

Technology allowed us to do more and to provide even more value.

Our customer feedback has been that those tickets that are often their most expensive overall, due to their frequency and the number of back-end systems needed to resolve them, are also the tickets that need no human intelligence to be solved. They are often refunds, upgrades, or cancellations and can be among the most time consuming tickets for customer support agents to manage.

Think about all those tickets where a manual lookup is needed in your CRM or in any other external system you may use, like Shopify or Magento.

For example, a customer is asking for an order status update and sends you an email, “Where is my order?”.

How do you react?

Well, you most likely would match the contact information of that customer with your CRM (outside your helpdesk solution), so as to collect the relevant information needed in order to revert with the requested information.

But did the customer send you the order number or the tracking ID?

If not, you need to reply asking for that information first, then wait for an answer and then provide the information the customer is looking for.

If the relevant information has been given, then you’re able to look up that information in your systems.

Wouldn’t you like to have this step automated? 
We think so!

With IPA, the interaction that takes place would look like this:

This process runs seamlessly and it is invisible to the eyes of the customer, who only knows that the ticket was resolved quickly and effectively.

Meanwhile, no human agent was involved in the transaction, which was completed entirely by our AI-driven Intelligent Process Automation from one end of the transaction to the other, then back again to rapidly inform the customer about the order status (or whatever other case).

To best evaluate your company’s abilities to take advantage of IPA, consider getting in touch with us.

We can work with you to understand how Intelligent Process Automation can fit into your company’s customer support strategy and contribute to your business KPIs.

And once again, welcome to the future of customer support!

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