Automatic Ticket Routing

Jatana automatically routes support requests to the most qualified agent based on your preferences and on historical data.

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Completely eliminate the need for manual triage!

The time that your agents are spending on data entry is time not spent on supporting your customers. With Jatana, you can automate processes like manual ticket routing.

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Save time
Save time

Eliminate the time you are wasting on repetitive manual tasks such as routing tickets to the right team.

Optimize Resources
Optimize resources

Assign human agents to complex and business critical requests while leaving the low- value tasks to the AI.

Support Consistency
Boost Agent Satisfaction

Agents are happier and stick around for longer when their job doesn’t include boring repetitive tasks.

How does it work?

Within a few simple steps, you will be able to let the AI automating routing at scale for you.

Define Routing Criteria
Define Routing Criteria

Define the criteria that you want to use to triage tickets.

Train the AI
Train the AI

Train the AI to recognize and enforce your routing criteria.


Enable Automations and let Jatana take care of the routing for you.

How people use ticket routing?

Leading brands are automating repetitive tasks using Jatana

With Jatana in place it's much easier to train up other employees to help with simple support tasks. That makes it easier and more efficient to handle peaks in support.
Klaas Romer

Happiness Members Officer Europe

Klass Romer
Thanks to Jatana, agents have unlocked time to create campaigns and offer personalized support to our main customers. After only 3 months, the AI was able to cover more than 50% of the incoming queries.
Jesper Juul Jensen

CEO of BetterNow

We are now able to use more time of what matters the most: providing tailored and customized support at scale.
Anna Jagdhar

Customer Service Manager

Anna Jagdhar
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A Zendesk Technology Partner

Jatana is also a selected company for the Zendesk Startup Program at Station F

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