Intelligent Process Automation for Support teams

Whether you want full case resolution or simple ticket deflection, Jatana fullfills all your automations needs

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Intelligent Process Automation Intelligent Process Automation
Macro Suggestions Macro Suggestions
Tagging and Triage Tagging and Triage
AI Dashboard AI Dashboard

Intelligent Process Automation

Jatana’s Intelligent Process Automation combines the power of Natural Language Processing with the flexibility of traditional Robotic Process Automation.

The result is a system capable of automating full case resolution even when relevant data is scattered across multiple back office systems

Macro Suggestions

For those cases where the Human Touch is still important, Jatana’s Macro Suggestions provide agents with the most relevant reply right next to the ticket they are working on.

To delight the customer, agents can edit the macro adding a few lines specific to that customer.

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Taggin and Triage

The time that your agents are spending on data entry is time not spent on supporting and upselling customers.

Thanks to Jatana, by the time an agent opens a ticket, all the relevant fields are already populated, including company specific custom fields and triage fields.

AI Dashboard

Power is useless without control, and Jatana’s AI Dashboard gives you full controll over all the Intelligent Process Automations running behind the scenes of your help desk.

The dashboard displayes analytics reports and insight to guide you on the path of maximum customer satisfaction.