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The Jatana AI Platform

An AI powered customer service platform utilizing Intelligent Process Automation to enable AI to serve your customers.

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Intelligent Process Automation – The Brain of Jatana

Intelligent Process Automation (IPA) is the underlying technology of every action performed by Jatana.

It utilizes Natural Language Processing and Conversational Automation Processing in order to understand the content in a support ticket and the underlying intent behind each ticket.

It then responds accordingly in order to resolve the ticket, interfacing with the required backend systems to attain the resolution.

IPA facilitates comprehension of:

Why the customer
is writing a request?

Customer idea

What the customer
is writing about?


What is the sentiment
of the request?

Because of this multi-layered analysis Jatana is capable of understanding what your customers are looking for, connect to your 3rd party system to fetch the required information for processing and automate previously manual tasks to attain the desired outcome.

From simple one action automations that provide tangible increases in efficiency, to full end-to-end resolution with no human intervention, our AI customer service platform facilitates action automation via an intuitive platform.

IPA Introduction

For a more thorough explanation of IPA, download our book, "Introduction to Intelligent Process Automation".


How It Works

Define Repetitive Cases and Processes

PRE-BUILT Intents Custom Intents Intetns Library
  • Pre-Built Intents
    Jatana AI automatically creates intents based the macros you use to process your tickets.
  • Custom Intents
    Use the ticket explorer to dive deep in your contact center data and create extremely detailed intents.
  • Macro intents
    Use tags to organize your intent library and elastic search to find exactly what you are looking for.

Train The AI Engine

Intent Detection Models Macro Suggestion Models Entity Extraction Models
  • Intent Detection Models
    Setup AI models that understand what your customers are talking about, and what to do about it.
  • Entity Extraction Models
    Create AI models that detect specific information that you want to extract, like Order Numbers, Phone Numbers etc.
  • Action Assessment Models
    Configure AI models that assess relevancy of tailored actions, be it an Efficiency Action or a Resolution Action, for each ticket.

Initiate AI Driven Action Automations

Macro automations Custom automations Ticket Journeys
  • Efficiency Action Automation
    Boost the efficiency of your support center by automating actions such as look-ups, information requests, notifications, etc.
  • Assistive Action Automation
    Enable your customer support team to respond to more complicated issues in a prompt manner with the top 5 most relevant actions in hand.
  • Resolution Action Automation
    Combine action automations into complex journeys that automate all the steps needed to solve even the most complex tickets.

Manage Your Action Library

Macros and Triggers libraries Create, edit and sync Advanced filtering
  • Action and Trigger Libraries
    Use tags to organize your libraries and elastic search to find exactly what you are looking for.
  • Create, Edit And Sync
    You can create, edit and sync your entire library, Jatana supports all actions and conditions
  • Advanced Filtering
    Go beyond elastic search and filter your libraries based on specific actions and conditions.

Jatana allows different kinds of automations

The Jatana AI platform facilitates many different kinds of automations that greatly streamline once tedious monotonous tasks. With our technology at your disposal you can free customer support agents from house-keeping be it tagging, categorization or routing.

Automatic Reply
Automatic Reply

Automatic replies to simple support requests freeing up support agents to address more pressing matters.

Ticket categorisation

Drastically cut the time taken to categorize incoming tickets by up to 97%.

Ticket Routing
Ticket Routing

Reduce the average time need for manual routing from 57 seconds to a mere milliseconds.

Automated Resolution

Automated Resolution

Automate total ticket handling to enable end-to-end resolution with no human involvement at any stage, even when relevant data is scattered across multiple back office systems.

Learn More About Automated Resolution

Assisted Resolution

Jatana assists customer support agents with suggestions and prompts to resolve the more complicated issues. Due to the ever evolving nature of our AI models, over time some (not all) of these issues can become fully automated resolutions.

Learn More About Assisted Resolution
Assisted Resolution

Top Rated App On The Zendesk Marketplace

Jatana is a Top Rated App on the Zendesk Marketplace

Jatana 5 star

Jatana AI’s Impact On Our Client’s Customer Support

With Jatana in place it's much easier to train up other employees to help with simple support tasks. That makes it easier and more efficient to handle peaks in support.
Klaas Romer

Happiness Members Officer Europe

Klass Romer
Thanks to Jatana, agents have unlocked time to create campaigns and offer personalized support to our main customers. After only 3 months, the AI was able to cover more than 50% of the incoming queries.
Jesper Juul Jensen

CEO of BetterNow

We are now able to use more time of what matters the most: providing tailored and customized support at scale.
Anna Jagdhar

Customer Service Manager

Anna Jagdhar
The tickets that can be answered using the Jatana suggestion are way less time-intensive now.
We also love to see how Jatana gets better and better in suggesting the right macro over time: the accuracy of the suggestions is quite astonishing.
Isabelle van Capelleveen

Stocard Customer Support Manager