Customer stories

Learn how Jatana is helping companies deliver outstanding customer support.

Klaas Romer
Happiness Members Officer Europe

XPLORA saves 30% on Average Handling Time

The company was growing at a rapid pace. Even while working around the clock, the time it took from ticket creation to macro application was too high. When ticket volume spiked, routing times increased significantly and the backlog grew even bigger.

As sales increase, so do tickets. This app actually took away the need to take someone away from their busy schedule to help out on resolving tickets.
Gilles Paternostre
Head of Customer Support

Bloomaker boosts productivity by 25%

Prior to implementing Jatana’s suggested replies, the company had a small team to manually answer questions. As the company was growing at a rapid pace, everyone in the team was called to provide customer support when needed.

We are now able to use more time of what matters the most: providing tailored and customized support at scale.
Anna Jagdhar
Customer Service Manager

KitchenTime saves 50% on First Reply Time

Before implementing Jatana’s suggested replies, KitchenTime used to manually answer questions that, in most cases, could easily be solved with a standard macro reply.