In a matter of minutes and without involving your tech team, Jatana allows you to connect Shopify and Zendesk, with around 20 possible integrations.

Are you ready to automate manual low value tasks?

Popular Ways to Connect Shopify + Zendesk

Check an order status

Use this Jatana integration to automatically fetch order status information in Shopify and paste that information within a Zendesk macro. Automate manual lookups between Shopify and Zendesk.

How It Works

  1. A customer is asking ‘where is my order?”
  2. Jatana understands the question and matches the sender’s email with the Shopify order
  3. Jatana copies the information from Shopify right into a dynamic field in a macro
  4. The answer is automated to the customer

What You Need

  1. A Zendesk account
  2. A Shopify account
  3. A Jatana account

There are several ways to integrate Shopify and Zendesk, based on your specific needs. 

We help you setting up the integration to automate all the lookups you currently execute manually.

Why Jatana?

Easy – Let Jatana do the heavy lifting connecting all your best support apps and adding a layer of Artificial Intelligence on top of them.

Quick – Your integrated and smarter system will be up & running within a month

Secure – Enterprise level security