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Q&A with Jatana’s CEO

We sat down with Jatana’s CEO Francesco Stasi and discussed with him some of the most asked questions.

Where do you see AI going?

AI is one of the most transformative technologies in human kind. As the advent of the Internet was sensational but became normal routine, also AI will become part of our daily lives to the point that it will not feel astonishing anymore. While we already interact with it every day, the process of implementing and recognizing AI at scale is still going on and will still take some time. However, this will be fully accomplished once certain stereotypes around AI will be dropped: AI will not take power over us. We are going to use it to accomplish great things and improve our lives and guarantee higher quality of living.

How to help agents feel comfortable with AI?

The first step is to erase the fear linked to AI: some agents might get scared and think the AI will take their job away. It is important to explain how it will be incorporated into the work to help and not to replace them. Then talk about AI in terms of benefits: the agents need to understand the purpose of implementing an AI in the workplace and how they would benefit from it. Allow a certain period of adjustment: your agents need to have a certain period in which they can feel comfortable and learn the new system.

What suggestions would you give to businesses who are looking into AI?

The first suggestion is to have clearly understand what the problem is. You need to understand what you would use AI for and what do you wish to achieve with it. It is important to know your sector well and have an idea of how AI can help, therefore, we suggest reading cases that explain how AI provided tangible solutions. For example, at we present cases on the different AI options we offer. We invite the companies to read them and see if AI could be the best solution.

What mistakes is common seeing when it comes to delivering customer service?

Hiring the wrong people: the agents always need to be ready to deal with new situations.
Under-training the staff: even if you had the best team possible it needs to be updated on new strategies.
Underdelivering: if your team of agents is not able to be fast and efficient, there is a huge risk that the whole customer satisfaction will be affected. Lack of data-driven decisions: Data-driven decision help in making conscious decision and investing the company’s resources on the right task.

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