We’ve all been there. The moment when you’re browsing through the website, looking for help and no one is there to help you. A process to contact the company is painful before you even start. It feel like they don’t want you to get in touch! 

Contact page is hidden in the footer, contact form is super long and asks for too much information and emailing them seems like you’ll get reply in weeks, if ever. Yes, we’ve all experienced the frustration and felt powerless.

Are your customers feeling the same way? How hard is it to reach you?

This article will guide you on your quest to provide the smoothest customer experience possible, while at the same time helping your agents be more productive and efficient.

Ensure help is within arm’s reach

No! Your customers should never have to go through a maze to reach you. They should not hope and pray that you will honor their request and answer. You are the one who should reach out and ask how can you help.

Make it easy, simple, and enjoyable. No matter the channel they use, no matter the device they’re on. Be prepared. Knowledge base articles should be a click (or a touch) away from them. If they still need help, be available and ready to jump in and assist them.

Solve questions faster with self-service

Self-service system is a coworker everyone will love. You don’t have to enter a personal interaction for every question that comes to you nor do all customers want that.

Many prefer handling things on their own with the help of knowledge base articles. Don’t let them look for help for too long, they might leave. Pick a place, pick a subject. Let’s say a customer is on the checkout page but they want to check your refund policy first. You don’t want them to roam away from that page.

Plus, your agents will be available to focus on more complex issues and won’t have to handle all those frequently asked questions.

Capture more context for a faster resolution

The more context you know, the less questions you need to ask in order to solve the problem. Jatana learns from your historical data and is able to suggest the best possible answer for any given situation. If a customer wants to check the status of their order, order number will already be there, waiting for you.

That reduces the customer’s effort to ask for assistance and speeds up the time an agent needs to handle the issue. Important information that is click away is beneficial for both sides and improves customer satisfaction as well as employee satisfaction.

Jatana automates customer support with deep learning and is super simple to set up. Features like suggested and automatic ticket reply and automatic ticket tagging and triage followed with detailed performance reporting and integrated analytics dashboard are a click away.

Yes, it is 100% GDPR compliant and available for any language, on any platform. Why wait? Start your free trial today.