Arguably the most important thing between a business and a customer is trust.

Customer service agents play a crucial role in building long-lasting relationships with customers. If a customer experience is satisfying, the customer will trust the company if not, the company risks to lose the customer forever.

And the data is not promising: on average only 20% of companies provide fantastic customer experience. Luckily, if we look into the future, there are numerous ways innovation can alter and improve customer experience.

Customer service agents with the help of advanced AI solutions are better prepared and more available. One of those solutions are automatic answers.

What are automatic replies?

The name automatic replies speaks for itself – they instantly provide a customer with an answer without human reaction. The answers, of course, are not random.

Some help desk providers called them macros (Zendesk), canned responses (Freshdesk) or snippets (Hubspot) but whatever you want to call them, the concept is the same:

They are premade and come from data collected over an extended period of time where agents manually replied to all queries

AI is smart enough (and getting more intelligent) to recognize the question posed by the customer and suggest possible solutions provided in the database and can reply with a solution or answer in a matter of seconds.

Let’s take a real-life example

You’re visiting an e-store looking to order a new headset. You’re interested to learn more about the return policy of the website, but it’s not visible. You’re browsing around through the pages, but you’re not finding what you’re looking for. Finally, you decide to create a support ticket and ask for assistance.

This is the time for Automatic Replies to shine

The AI has recognized the question and instantly replies by sending you the information regarding the return policy of the store. Unless it’s a brand new store, you’re not the first one with this question, so the AI has already learned what the best answer to the question is.

Finally, the agent is able to check and see the ticket and close it if it’s solved while you’re ordering the headset after reading the store’s return policy.

How automatic replies build trust between companies and customers?

The most exciting thing AI can do, is to make companies more trustworthy in the eyes of their customers.

Every industry that included AI automatically became more stable and delivered better quality. Likewise, automatic answers solve less complex that often overload the whole customer support system and their agents.

This way, customers feel more comfortable and can rely on automated service as they provide the same answer an agent would, but without the waiting period.

The next benefit is improved efficiency of the customer support team.

Agents are not distracted with menial tasks and tickets that can be solved by providing straightforward answers: thus they can focus on more complicated issues and devote their time and care to those customer who really need it.

With AI increasing the level of trust, the relationship between the company and the customer can only grow stronger, the experience become better, and finally, the business grows faster.