BetterNow is a peer-to-peer fundraising platform focused on the Third Sector. Their platform allow individuals to create their own fundraising pages, and collect funds for their favorite causes.

BetterNow works with over 300 charities across Europe, since 2011 has collected over $7.000.000 through their fundraising pages, creating a real impact in the world.

We don’t aim at taking another slice of the donations going to charities, we want to increase the total amount of donations charities receive” says Jesper Jensen, CEO.

The Challenge

After launching in the United Kingdom, BetterNow expected a significant growth in their customer base.

In order to keep the level of user satisfaction, while containing the operational costs, BetterNow has implemented Jatana in their Zendesk account, bringing Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning (AI/ML) to their user support.

Moreover, BetterNow offers customer service in several languages and for that reason any solution to be implemented needed to be language agnostic and perform with the same level of accuracy in any language.

After a couple of clicks to install Jatana directly from the Zendesk Marketplace, a dedicated AI engine was trained on BetterNow’s historical conversations.

In less than 24h, BetterNow could leverage the power of AI and automate certain processes, reduce ticket handling time and costs, while improving the users’ experience.

The Solution

Implementing Jatana, BetterNow accessed a few core features that helped improving the overall support operations.

Automated training

Automated training of the AI engine based on historical data.

AI-driven answer suggestions

The AI learns about previous interactions and suggests the best answer to any new incoming support request.

AI-driven complete automation

The AI automates the most common support requests.

The Results

By adding Jatana to their Zendesk agent interface, BetterNow has been able to better manage incoming customer enquiries.

The initial results showed that after only 3 months, the AI was able to cover more than 68% of the incoming queries.

Pre-filling accuracy by the AI reached 94% and agent macro usage has increased 170%.

The overall productivity of the team increased by approximately 25%.

Thanks to Jatana, agents also have unlocked time for valuable activities like higher level of support to make more successful campaigns on BetterNow.