When it comes to different languages, customer support has its struggles. If you have agents who speak one or even two languages, and the market you’re targeting is international,

it is a frequent case that you have customers who speak other languages visiting your website and asking for support.

For example, if your team covers English and French, and a customer submits a ticket on Chinese, that is a problem for you. A quick fix might be getting some help from Google Translate or some other online tool.

Unfortunately, it is difficult to understand each other this way: you will sound like a robot, the customer will not be happy and he will most likely walk away.

Luckily for all of us, Artificial Intelligence offers a solution to this problem!

We always wonder about all the thing Ai can do for us while we forget what it might do for our customer as well.

Let artificial intelligence handle the translation

When it comes to customer support, AI is without a doubt the hottest topic.

Whether it is a chatbot, automated replies, or AI assisting real support agents, it has rightfully taken that place.

That’s why, according to a study conducted by Oracle, an impressive 80% of companies already have or plan to implement AI solutions into their customer service by 2020.

Since you’ve been reading this so far, you’re probably wondering whether AI can really help you overcome and get rid of the language barrier. Short answer: Yes. The technology is already here.

You probably doubt the efficiency of it and would rather have real translatorS do the work. Why not both? There already are services that offer machine translation which is instantly reviewed by a human translator and you can rest assured there will be no mistakes or awkward phrases.

The machine performs its duty instantly and human reviews it right after it’s submitted to make sure there are no mistakes. 

An average professional translator is able to process about a page per hour, but with AI helping them, they can do 3 to 4 pages per hour.

Pretty neat, huh?

Cut down on lengthy response times

One thing is sure, your customer satisfaction rate will go up. Not only that, but your response time will be much better. Picture a scenario where you get an email from the customer in their native language and no one in your team is speaking it. You have three options:

  1.  Use AI + human translators for super fast response time.
  2. Use Google Translate and sound awkward and unprofessional
  3. Ignore the existing or potential customer

You’d agree that scenario A is the only thing you’d like to experience if you were a customer.

Multilingual customer support is difficult. The differences in language, culture, and expectations are vast, and this is a great step to turn something complicated into a simple task. Don’t take hours or worse, days to reply to an email when you have the solution that’s already available.

Did you know that Jatana understands your customers no matter what language they use?

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