People who are up to date with trending technologies are probably already interacting with machine learning on a daily basis.

Machine learning is a type of AI programmed to gather new data and insights and implement them into the service they already provide. This approach to data collection and analysis allows them to improve the quality and speed of practically any service.

Voice assistants are probably the first thing that comes to mind, but a more interesting and better example is Facebook. Remember back in the day when Facebook asked you to tag your friends in a photo? If you upload a photo now, it will most likely suggest the right person and ask you to tag them automatically.

This example shows how Facebook’s complex algorithms have learned people’s faces and is able to recognize them with an impressively high accuracy.

Something similar is happening in the customer service industry.

The main difference is that unlike the examples we mentioned, artificial intelligence in customer service has a goal of recognizing the patterns of customers’ behavior and support agents.

Let’s take a look at few examples of how machine learning is improving customer service.

Leave machines do the heavy lifting

AI programs will soon be as reliable as Siri, Alexa or Cortana when it comes to simple, straightforward tasks that occur on a daily basis. Customer service agents are bombarded with frequent requests like password changes or cancellations of subscription plans.

An assistant powered by AI will be able to answer these questions automatically without the need for a service agent to intervene.

Improving the efficiency of self-service support

Unlike cluttered knowledge base repositories where customers are forced to find the answers by themselves, macros and canned responses are the best way to improve the efficiency of your customer service agents.

Machine learning can then be used to automate the process so that every time a customer submits a request for support, the AI responds with the automatic replies that is most fitting to the case at hand.

Meanwhile, agents will have more time on their hands to focus on improving the templates thus dramatically increasing the quality and efficiency of support.

Increase the efficiency of your current channels

Whenever someone mentions AI in customer service, the first thing that comes to mind are chatbots, and that’s not wrong, but that’s not the only place AI can improve customer support.

There are other support channels and AI helps by automating processes that can be applied to self-service solutions other than chat.

Think about social media interactions, messaging, emails and phone calls – now you have the complete picture.