Bloomaker is the leading producer and supplier of top-quality hydroponically grown flowers. Founded in 2002 as Mantel USA and later re-named Bloomaker USA in 2006, Bloomaker enjoyed consistent growth over the years.

With their HQ situated in the beautiful Shenandoah Valley, in Waynesboro (VA), Bloomaker is deeply rooted in the United States but their operations extend worldwide.

Bloomaker grows roses in Ecuador, Giant Amaryllises in Peru and also has strong partnerships and facilities in the Netherlands.

They prefer creative cooperation and are building partnerships with like-minded and customer-focused businesses like Jatana to support their growth.

“As sales increase, so do tickets. Jatana took away the need to take someone away from their busy schedule to help out on resolving tickets”

Gilles Paternostre, Head of Customer Support


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