What does the future hold? No one can tell for certain, the rise of AI seems scary to some, amazing to others. One thing is certain – Artificial Intelligence is here to stay!

It’s highly unlikely that a person will not interact with AI in the near future. Even today, it is already all around us: Siri on your iPhone, self-driving vehicles on the road, Alexa in your home, you get the idea…

The average person is already interacting with some sort of AI on a daily basis, and when we talk about customer experience, AI is definitely going to shape its future.

Top businesses do not want to miss the trend. PWC has recently reported that large organizations are already investing in AI technology, or plan to do so in near future.

Jatana is on the train to the future, and with that in mind, we want to share a few trending customer service innovations and how we predict their growth.

Customer Support Chatbots

Personal, interactive, and feeling like a human – chatbots are already among us. Not here to replace service agents, but rather to help them be more efficient.

They are a great chance for setting the bar higher when it comes to self-service support. Routine tasks like helping with login or finding the right source of information are something chatbots can easily accomplish while support staff can focus on tasks that require more attention  to details and that provide more value to customers who need it.

Support on multiple channels

Great customer experience means that the customer journey is well mapped. AI support can help by leading the customer through the right channels and, if needed, provide other ways of support.

Artificial intelligence is already smart enough to understand a common problem and provide the best solution. This is a win-win case where customers’ problems are solved faster, agents are more efficient and the overall workload is lower.

Improved resolution times

When we look at the overall time needed to solve a case, AI looks very promising. Some speed record are about to be set. 

Agents backed by AI will be better prepared to handle the problems AI can’t handle. It’s a two-way street, where both customers and customer support agents will benefit from AI.

The best thing is that it can only get better from here.

AI is learning and getting better by the day, increasing its speed and making it harder to notice the difference between a human and a bot.