Why building macros for your customer support will save you hours per week.
And how macros + Jatana will save you ages!

In this post, we will take a closer look at one of the best ways to crunch down the time involved in running your support desk operations.

And if you are not using macros, don’t worry, it’s never too late.
Just get ready to become a Macro Zen Master!

What Are Macros?

According to Zendesk, “you can simply and effectively streamline your workflow by creating macros for those support requests that can be answered with a single, standard response. This saves you the time and effort of crafting a separate response to each customer with the same issue.”

The goal with creating macros is to use them to handle those help desk tickets you’re likely to get many times, and that request a very similar answer.

Simple, isn’t it?

What can macros do for you?

Simply put, macros will save you time!

Besides saving you hours per week, responses from the help desk will become more consistent. If you have a prewritten response which contains key details, you won’t need to think and type it again.

Macros will save you time, energy, resources, and a ton of stress. There’s no reason to do something as simple as creating the same message over and over again. 

Macros can also speed up the up-start time of new agents.
Given the average annual turnover around 30/40%, it’s important to have tools in place to help new agents to get up to speed as quick as possible.

But how does Jatana comes into the picture?

Jatana puts your Zendesk in Autopilot mode!

Jatana brings warp speed to your Zendesk by suggesting the best macro to apply for any new incoming ticket.
Above a given confidence score of the AI engine, the macro is applied and sent to your customers without any human intervention needed whatsoever — perfect for those repetitive questions where no customization is ever needed.

This way, your agents can focus on the important details that make your customers go WOW!

You can think of Jatana as an autonomous driving system level 3 and 4, with both Conditional and High automation.

And why should you care?

Are you already a Macro Zen?

If you already use macros in your daily CS operations and you pair it up with a tool like Jatana, you can see an increase in productivity of your support team up to 40%.

This is because your agents never have to go through a list of 50, 400 or 1500 (!!) macros saved in their helpdesk, as the best answer is suggested by the AI.
I am sure you can already see the time-saving opportunities…

Moreover, this will also help your new agents to cut the upstart time from a few months to a few weeks.

If you think this sounds too good to be true…We have a 2 weeks Free Trial and we look forward to see you onboard!

Don’t you use macros?

It’s never too late to start 😉 

We have customers that have never used macros before and were able to benefit from Jatana in as little as a few weeks!
It just takes some willingness to create and apply the first macros in order to be able to grasp the potential of AI for customer support.

Time to ACT!

There has never been a better moment in history to use technology to make our daily lives better, safer and less repetitive.

Thank you and stay tuned!