Let’s say you want to explore space and you want to build the largest telescope the World has ever seen. Who’d you call for help?

You’d probably want to assemble a team of renowned astronomers, engineers, opticians, and physicists.

To have a wiki-like knowledge base, you’d need a group of people who apply that knowledge in their jobs, every single day.

When it comes to customer support, agents working with customers on a daily basis are people you’d want to ask for help.

All together, they have something called tribal knowledge that can be used to create a large, helpful database of automated replies.

What is tribal knowledge?

The simplest definition of tribal knowledge would be the collective wisdom and experience of people within an organization or social group.

It sounds clear and easy when we define it like this, but there is a problem.

Many organizations don’t ever document that knowledge and it stays only within those individuals who possess it. Not all people work and think the same way. Each individual has their own path on which they grow, learn, make mistakes and gain experience. Collecting and documenting tribal knowledge has its benefits, and we’ve described the 5 most important.

1. Easily share collective knowledge

All team can access it. They can share it, use it to create automated replies in a ticket and help new members get in the game faster.

2. Naturally maintain your automated replies list

Since everyone has access to it, everyone can comment on the parts that are not clear, incorrect or contain outdated information. Feedback means the list can be constantly improved and updated.

3. Identify and fill gaps in your automated replies

A great signal that a new template is needed is whenever someone cannot find the template they’re looking for. When someone solves an issue that’s new to the whole team they can add their message as a new automated reply.

4. Enable your customers to help themselves

The majority of the customers would rather solve their problems on their own, and even more customers expect a sort of self-service that allows them to solve problems faster without having to wait long for a reply from your support agents.

5. Know your content trends and gaps

The replies that are used the most will show a certain trend. That allows you to troubleshoot a problem or a bug that occurs frequently as well as to further improve your list of useful templated replies.

How to leverage automated replies

Automated replies have no purpose if they lacks organization and the right tools behind it. Enable your agents to share it efficiently and provide the right tools that will help them grow it.