Years of research in the field of customer service have shown that there are four factors that have the largest impact on customer service.

Providing a better service to your customers allows your business to grow, improves the relationship between you and your customers and empowers the brand.

That’s why each of the four elements is equally important, let’s go through all of them one by one!

1. Personalization

Never forget you’re talking to another human being. Computers and AI are awesome, but human touch gives that special feeling no machine can ever replace.

Know your customer (but please don’t stalk them) and what they enjoy and try to provide things that do really seem personalized.

Customers often feel like they’re not treated well when they are obliged to do self-service. Make it optional and never forget to include the possibility to chat with a real person.

It’s not a cost, it’s a chance to win the loyalty of a customer.

2. Competency

Be professional and competent. You shouldn’t show any doubts or lack of knowledge about your company, products or services.

Impress your customers with skilled and experienced customer service agents that will know all about the company. That way, customers will feel confident that you’re the right person to talk to and that your company is the one they need.

3. Convenience

The rapid evolution of communication in the digital age means a customer can communicate to you through dozens of channels. Let him choose.

Allow your customers to get in touch with you the way they are most comfortable with, whether it’s a phone call, email, social media or by showing up directly in your office. Make it as easy and convenient as possible. Many people give up before they even try to contact the company for the same reason – it looks like is too much work.

But beware: If you allow customers to contact you through a certain channel, they will.

Having a “Typically replies within a week” note on your Facebook page is not a good sign nor an invitation for new customers to contact you there.

4. Proactivity

Don’t wait for them to ask. Be open and transparent about your actions. Explain the problems. Announce the updates. Reach out to those interested and show them that you care about their opinion. Never, ever be shady or secretive about an update. Don’t underestimate the power of your customers.

When Valve did not announce a new update to a popular update for Dota2 , players were continuously asking about it. Valve, however, did not react at all and they’ve soon realized the huge mistake they made. Thousands and thousands of people were messaging, emailing, calling and spamming all over the place. It became an extremely popular internet meme and at the end, Valve simply had to give in and give the players what they wanted in the first place.

Consider these four principles as your guide to the perfect customer experience. All objectives and goals are within your reach with a positive attitude and a great strategy as your allies.