AI is already making impact on the business as we know it. It is able to help companies grow their organization, create better relations with their customers and set or predict trending topics.

AI also helps agents working in customer service. But how? Is it enough to mention productivity increase? Probably not.

Let’s see the three main way artificial intelligence will benefit customer service agents.

Artificial intelligence will assist customer service agents with…

Predictive insights and analytics

You’ve probably witnessed an algorithm understanding your taste and suggesting what to do next on platform like YouTube, Netflix or Spotify. In the same way, AI is able to guess what customer wants and help the agent find the right solution to problem at hand.

Specific factors like content, behavior, and timing, will help AI to predict what customer wants or plans to do next. At Jatana, we provide customer service admins with useful insights and analytics that can be used to provide better support and thus increase customer satisfaction as a whole.

Recommendations for the best next actions

Once we have predictions working flawlessly, AI takes it to the next level and helps agents by suggesting what to do next. Machine learning will over a short period of time recognized the best solution for most tickets and recommend the next step to the agent. This is extremely helpful to help new agents get up to speed with their colleagues without having to spend reading old support conversations to learn how to communicate with customers.

Automated actions

The cherry on the cake of AI in customer support is its ability to automate actions and instantly react whenever a customer requires assistance. This is great for two things:

  1. It can take care of menial tasks like tagging and categorizing tickets.
  2. It can recognize a high priority ticket and notify an agent.

The result is that agents can focus on important or urgent issues while everyday tasks are handled by automatic responses.