KitchenTime saves 50% on First Reply Time

KitchenTime is a kitchenware store online where you will find everything for your kitchen at great prices.

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  • Challenge
  • The solution

Save time from answering repetitive tickets

Before implementing Jatana’s suggested replies, KitchenTime used to manually answer questions that, in most cases, required a macro (or ‘template answer’) to be solved.

With more than 350 macros on their Zendesk account, though, the time spent looking for the right macro was just too high.

As the approach was manual, the average response time was higher than what the team had set to achieve to maintain excellent customer support.

When ticket volume spiked, routing times increased significantly, and the backlog grew even more significant.

Moreover, the team was looking to “do more with less” and become more efficient, before increasing the size of the team.

The solution

Implement Jatana suggested replies

When looking for a solution, KitchenTime defined the primary goal: replace the manual selection of macros with intelligent suggestions to free up agents from redundant macro search and application work.

The company aimed to quickly automate their manual macro selection processes so they could reallocate their agents to higher value tasks.

The goal was to improve the overall customer experience and control the need to hire more agents, even while the company continued to grow and expand its services into new countries.

In particular, KitchenTime targeted an improvement in First Reply Time (FRT) scores through faster response times.

For the first time, we can meet our SLAs and provide the kind of support we want to provide to our growing base of customers.

Anna Jagdhar Customer Service Manager Anna Jagdhar

50% ART reduction in 1 month

With Jatana’s suggested replies, KitchenTime was able to automate the selection of the majority of the macros in real time.

This dramatically improved ART, which decreased from 38 hours to 19,5 hours in just a few weeks.

Also, the backlog disappeared, as support agents can now handle many more tickets in the same amount of time.

We achieved higher customer satisfaction, as our customer could receive the needed support in a shorter time.

Avg Reply

Average reply time

32 m 43 sec -49.67% from last month
With Jatana in place it's much easier to train up other employees to help with simple support tasks. That makes it easier and more efficient to handle peaks in support.
Klaas Romer

Happiness Members Officer Europe

Klass Romer
Thanks to Jatana, agents have unlocked time to create campaigns and offer personalized support to our main customers. After only 3 months, the AI was able to cover more than 50% of the incoming queries.
Jesper Juul Jensen

CEO of BetterNow

We are now able to use more time of what matters the most: providing tailored and customized support at scale.
Anna Jagdhar

Customer Service Manager

Anna Jagdhar

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